‘Paper Rhythms: weave and braid’ by Mayumi Kaneko & Jennie Parry in Tokyo.

It seems rather unreal to be here at long last in Tokyo, with all my exhibits carefully documented and packed, with the all important ATA Carnet correctly stamped, with the labels, images, statement boards, and necessary display paraphernalia, handling samples plus my own personal items in two large suitcases. We had just a day to put up the exhibition and the takadai, so kindly loaned by Makiko Tada, and to adjust the lighting, the labeling, but it is done!

Mayumi found a delightful space for us both: the Kagurazaka Kourintei Gallery. It has wooden paneled walls, and has an interesting layout for each of us, and a wonderfully helpful owner.

We are thrilled to have so many very special visitors who have travelled big distances to come to see our work, some of whom we know and all of them feel like good friends after spending time in the gallery.

It is a truly wonderful experience to bring this body of work to show for the first time in Japan where the takadai has a strong place with the culture, and to share my passion for the techniques whilst also showing how I use such very different unconventional yarns for my sculptures. People were so very appreciative, it is so thrilling and also very humbling.

For many it was their first encounter with the use of paper thread within weave and braid. Its strength, lightness and versatility was a real eye opener, whilst some of the finishing techniques I used with my braids caused many jaws to drop!

Being able to demonstrate on the takadai everyday is a huge help to me as I have hardly any Japanese, but, with my hands, eyes and samples, it is so much easier to share. Mayumi is also an excellent translator!

Here my white braids became black during the concert, with different lighting! Interesting.

Mayumi and I being interviewed early one morning for an article in a magazine.

More special moments will follow soon.