After many months of sampling, making, sometimes more sampling to resolve and refine, writing, photographing, packing, at last the climax: this exhibition opened on Saturday 14 May and will remain so until 26 June.

Bryony Windsor and her very able team have curated this exhibition with sensitivity and vision. Both Mayumi and I are delighted to see some of the pieces we had taken to Tokyo in 2014 together with a considerable number of new works now displayed in a very different gallery. The atmosphere seems tranquil as many pieces gently twist and turn in the movement of the air, giving a quiet energy and changing views. Thank you so much to NCCD for this wonderful opportunity.

Our work makes a contained exhibition in a major part of the Roof Gallery, whilst some very dramatic artworks using paper very differently by members of the Design Factory complete the whole vision of ‘Paper: beyond the fold’.

I loved demonstrating the takadai all day on Saturday and engaging with the many visitors of all ages, and watching their amazement that we use paper yarns! A new concept for them, and they enjoyed touching the handling samples to see how light they are because of the materials and structures. In all I’ll be there for five Saturdays (am teaching marudai on the penultimate day).

It is very tempting to put many images up here, but I really want those visiting to see and experience this exhibition afresh, so I must ask you to be patient a while longer!! But here are one or two general views.

Gallery view 1

Gallery view 2b

NCCD Gallery view 3 Design Factory