1991: Sunrise in the West. UK
1992: Third International Exhibition of Peruvian & Japanese Braiding. Japan
1995: Samurai Undressed. UK
2000: Moving West, MOMA Wales. UK
2001: Festival of Japanese Culture, Cockermouth. UK
2001: Expanding the Girths, Bampton & London. UK
2003: Braids and Beyond. UK
2004: Expressions in Kumihimo. USA
2005: Exhibition of Japanese and Andean Braids. Japan
2007: First International Kumihimo Conference, Kyoto. Japan.
* my work was chosen as the conference image
2010: Magic of the Loom, Lincoln. UK
2011: Braids with Attitude, Luton. UK
2011: Insight into Beauty, London. UK
2012: Glamour Glitter Glitz, Long Beach, Rockville. USA
2014: Weaving with Paper, London. UK
2014: Paper Rhythms, Weave and Braid, Tokyo. Japan
2015: Threads, Macclesfield. UK
2016: Twisted Again: The New Kumihimo, Massachusetts. USA
2016: Paper: beyond the fold, NCCD, Sleaford. UK
2019: Braids 2019 International Conference, Iga, Japan
Braid Society Members’ Exhibitions at Leeds, Chobham, Mansfield, Winchester, Halifax, Haslemere, Manchester, Reading, Shrewsbury.

Regular exhibitor with the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers, and The Embroiderers’ Guild. UK

Tutor at Association of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Summer Schools
1997: Galashiels, Scotland
2009: Lincoln, England
2017: Sparsholt, England
2007: Tutor & seminar at First Kumihimo Conference, Kyoto, Japan
2012: Tutor at Braids 2012, Manchester, England, the second International Braiding Conference.
2019: Tutor and Keynote Lecturer at Braids 2019 International Conference, Iga, Japan