Good links for Sprang

The Art of Sprang

Paper Rhythms Exhibition

National Centre for Craft & Design

Suppliers – yarns & equipment

The Yarn Purchasing Association

The Handweavers Studio

Uppingham Yarns

Gaddum and Gaddum

My Fine Weaving Yarn

Yeomans Yarns


The Carey Company

Habu – yarns

Gilmore Looms – Mini Wave series

Giovanna Imperia

Societies & Artists

The Braid Society

Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

The Embroiderers’ Guild

Complex Weavers

Mayumi Kaneko

Julie Hedges

Jan Garside

Stacey Harvey-Brown

Susan J Byrd – author: ‘A Song of Praise for Shifu’

For a rich source of different braiders’ work[/fusion_text][/two_third]