I decided to use a favourite inkle loom technique to make a length of asymmetric woven band, to join to make into a small pouch. Time was short, so I needed to weave this whilst away on a self catering holiday. Hence I set up my Gilmore Mini Wave loom as it is so compact and easy to take all set up.
I used Como silk (I usually use mercerised cotton) so this was interesting to try. It woven really well and has given me a firm band.
As I proposed to reverse the direction of the pick up pattern when half way through, I attached a small tape measure to the start to make sure it would all work as planned.
The warp was long enough to provide me with sufficient length to test the best way to join it too. AND the patterns matched well too when joined! Hurray!

I machined the folded band using a stitched zig-zag and butting the edges either side of the Bernina Edge Stitch foot. An 8 bobbin marudai braid, Yatsu Nishiki, covers the seam and provides the fastening loop.